How to Flood Proof Your Home

A flood can occur any time of the day or night, with or without warning, and your safety is at-risk, along with your home, car, and all the other things that you’ve worked so hard for, along with your sanity and peace of mind. Knowing the risks of a flood should be enough to convince you to take extra effort to flood proof your home. Flood proofing the home is inexpensive and extremely beneficial.

A few things to do to flood proof the home:

·    Evaluate the flood risks for your home. The FEMA Flood Map is a great tool that makes it easier to evaluate this risk. This map is easily accessible via online platforms.

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·    Install gutters on the home, if they’re not in place already. Gutters direct rainwater away from the basement and the home’s foundation, considerably reducing the risk of a flood.

·    Make sure flood insurance is readily available. This is not a standard coverage on a home insurance policy, so make sure to purchase separately to protect yourself.

·    Install a sump pump or ventilation in the foundation to reduce the risk of flooding in the home.

·    Install check valves on your plumbing system. This affordable upgrade is very beneficial in the time of need.

·    Grade the lawn away from the home to prevent the risks of flooding.

·    Keep both interior and exterior appliances above flood level. This includes the A/C unit, generator, washing machine, etc.

Keep in mind that 24-hour emergency services farmington nm offer restoration help in the event a flood occurs at your home. Keep the number of hand because finding a professional during an emergency is not feasible. Professional flood water restoration experts minimize damages and improve your peace of mind after this disaster.

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